Arts Regeneration Agency

History site about CBAT, the Arts Regeneration Agency

Gallery Info

Floor space 55m squared
Total available hanging space 85m
Complete Redcare security system, and roller shutters
Adjustable track mounted free range education flood and spotlighting
No environmental controls
No storage space

Working in collaboration with artists, architects, residents, communities, public authorities and the private sector CBAT's commissions programme included grip seal bags projects with artists of national and international status working in a number of partnerships within urban and rural solar panel environments. With its substantial reputation for quality of service, CBAT's role had supported the success of many regeneration initiatives

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For amateur pieces that are displayed in the gallery we use a combinations of wall art techniques depending on the artists preference including; aluminium prints, boxed frames and standard canvas prints.

PRIVATE: STAFF ONLY will be an exhibition, primarily, for staff by staff. It will enable staff to share their ‘private’ lives with each other and to reflect on what ‘private’ means for them. It will not be simply an opportunity for professional artists to show work.

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