History of CBAT, the Arts regeneration agency

This is a history site about CBAT, the Arts Regeneration Agency

Design Regeneration

The consortium (the 3 partners bring the range and complimentary experience and resources necessary to complete this project) is concerned that this lack of design understanding is reducing the benefits of installing on buildings. Within this bandwidth the angle of the roof depends upon the latitude of the proposed site..

When selling a house, the other most predominant feature which helps sells the house is the bathroom, why not upgrade your bathroom suite. Research suggests that ensuites are also saleable items. Invest in a power shower. For places you can't reach then buy a ladder.

Moving on upstairs how about decorating the children's bedroom and buying children furniture? Maximise the use of space with storage solutions such as cabinets and cupboards, garden designer radiators, blinds and curtains. We pride ourselves on our ability to complete the large commercial projects reliably without losing the quality that we have nurtured from our first small workshop.